Is it healthy to talk to yourself?

Is it healthy to talk to yourself?

“Talking with yourself” itself is not the problem, but the reason why you do it can be one.

First, we distinguish the inner from the outer monologue.The outer monologue is an example of a narrative form on stage. That is probably not meant here. We come to a variant.

We all know the inner form of the monologue when we go through the shopping list in spirit in the supermarket, when we dial a telephone number, or when we type something, or on the keyboard, and we speak the text.

That, too, is probably not meant.Although there is already an essential clue in this. Self-talk helps us sort our thoughts. Thinking is much faster than speaking or even reading, and so we reduce thoughts speed so that we can fully grasp a thought and think to the end. If we did not do this, the thought would immediately evaporate.

Then there is autocommunication.Here is the reason of fundamental importance.

There are thought processes that everyone has.One thing went wrong at work, it becomes a sense and you think for yourself “You got it great again, really great, really spike, really great!!” and grumbles.Or you actually did something very good, make a winning pose and ask loudly in the round without expecting an answer: “Why am I so good all the time? STRIKE!!”

So, or in variants, everyone has it, which in my opinion is also no problem.In fact, there is even research suggesting that smarter people tend to have more self-talk than those who are more prone to mental calm.

It becomes problematic when you lose control.When you’re on the bus and you’re always buzzing. His environment has to constantly comment or even thinks aloud in general.

“Did I make the stove?I forget to make the stove out more and more often. I don’t even know what the stove is all about. Did I make the stove out? Shit I don’t know. Is the stove off?”

This “in-circle thinking”, sometimes even loud.

Where possible in the heightened form, that you don’t even notice that you are talking, but the others hear it.

“Boah looks the shit.’Ne hairstyle like a burst sofa corner. No honest, I don’t want to hang dead over the fence. But when she immediately steps on her eye rings, she goes capeister anyway.”

If you have such thoughts and don’t notice that you are speaking them out loud, then it can get really embarrassing.

However, the inner and outer monologue can also merge into one another.Due to existing thought structures, the inner feeling of discomfort slowly increases outwardand becomes anger, hoping to form majorities for one’s own conception in the near environment.

The following example shows this very nicely.

(The beginning is still harmless, but then….)

In this variant of “co-self-speech”, i.e. moaning, swearing or swearing, other mechanisms come into force.

If you like to mob something, you have to pay attention to your inner attitude.Those who do this because they can’t do anything else will sooner or later be confronted with health problems, because the anger as a traffic jam in the body can become tense, convulsive, especially in the heart area. Cortisol levels rise and are not degraded by this method, which in turn can lead to deposits and other diseases.

But especially in the southern areas we often see two bus drivers in a narrow bend yelling at each other who is allowed to drive first.It goes on for 10 minutes and suddenly the matter is settled, both are completely relaxed and no stress is left. Cortisol has been successfully degraded, there is not even a small mouth left behind. That’s very healthy moaning again.

It is also important, just by the way, that both mob.Cortisol is a pain-depling hormone and it wouldn’t be particularly wise to give up. Why do you want to deal with these pains of verbal attacks, no one would have an advantage from it. So at the point also sometimes controlled but sustainably back-to-back, that then everything settles down faster.

Even if it was as if the outsider had not been having self-talk at all, that is not really true.Everyone had to get out what was to be bludwithhed out, only then did the two listen again. So actually the two had quite a self-talk, which only at the end of the mob went into a dialogue.

How can I overcome laziness and become more motivated again?

Yesterday you were still inspired, but today your energy seems to have disappeared and it seems like you are lazy and unmotivated.

What happened to your enthusiasm and your passion to realise your new plans or reach your goal?

How come you start doubting yourself?

There are a number of reasons why your energy seeps away.And there are also proven ways to help yourself on top of it, and bring your motivation back to a level.

1.It’s not your own goal

This happens when you want to impress others.You choose a goal that you don’t really think is so important. It does work for awhile, but then you discover a false note in your goal. It doesn’t really feel like it anymore. You can’t remember that this is what you really wanted.

The clearest sign that you have chosen a goal that is not yours is when you struggle to explain to someone else why this is important to you, and you also feel good about it.You feel it in your head, but not in your heart.

So stop with that false purpose, and choose your path by thinking about what you would do when you had no obligation whatsoever.

2.You’re always walking away from things

You strove to get away from something, but that’s better now.And since you haven’t learned to work on something, you don’t know where to go .

This often happens with artists: they start from a pain, a frustration or a anger, and create to get rid of them.After a while they get success, and it is no longer necessary to get away from that feeling. And suddenly the inspiration also seems dried up.

So learn to get motivated by working for pleasure, not just away from pain.Stop to sabotage yourself or create conditions where you have to flee from the pain.


Your ‘ why ‘ is not clear

You can choose a goal that you are enthusiastic about, and passionately work towards this goal.But as long as you have not made clear to yourself why This is important to you, you can easily forget this goal and lose your motivation.

You start to wonder what you are actually doing, and if this is the right way for you.By finding a ‘ why ‘ that comes from your deepest being, you are able to stay focused on what you think is important. Your goals and projects can change, but in the core the theme remains the same. This way you can measure new opportunities according to the extent to which they fit you and your core.

Take some time to ask yourself what you really think is important in life.What do you do it all for? What is your deepest being?

4.You can’t remember why you do what you do

Once you have everything clear, it comes to discipline and exercise.
You have a vision that is important to you, a goal you can work towards.You know why you really want this and can explain that too.

Now it is important to stay connected and remember your goal at all times.

This is the most difficult and longest work, which you may be working on throughout your life.You can train your memory, provide memory support in your environment, practice with others or start every day with your deepest why to take the mind.

Commit yourself to spend ten minutes every day on why you do what you do and connect to your original source of inspiration. One day it will go easier than the other day.We all have a moment when our motivation is far from looking. Accept your natural rhythm, keep practicing and recognise the need for more discipline and the need for rest.

The right action will not always be clear, but the more you practice, the easier it becomes.

Why don’t string theorists come to a point?

Especially the string theories, but also the Big Bang theories, have considerable flaws already in their theory bases.

For example, singularities are not sufficient with the current perspectives (written mildly), but actually not at all, can be explained.

These current models of thought, although this is not in fact recognized in the field of science, are in fact based on completely unreal assumptions, which are still not noticeable today.

A. Since the rise of the natural sciences since industrialization, a priority has been given to material and energetic world objects and effects within physical formulas, because physics sees itself as a science of forces. effects.

For this reason, physics has acquired the erroneous notion that there can really only be effects of the energetic and material nature of world objects.

Of course, objects of a non-energetic and non-material nature are excluded, since supposedly all effects can only be energetic-material, and thus other forms of interaction are impossible.

Since all effects can and may ultimately only be of an energetic-material nature, non-material-energetic objects are thus excluded, since they would then also be intangible and therefore non-existent by interaction. Could.

B. Mathematics has been subject to elementary assumptions much earlier.

And since the emergence of the (religious) spirit ideology, i.e. the ideology of the Holy Spirit (without describing this in more detail now for reasons of scope), logic has been a product of a so-called human spirit, which is nothing more than pure Mysticism, more precisely:

A mystification of the Natural Logical Principles, as if man had invented logic, which to this day actually keeps the minds of mathematicians violently in the unreal.

All principles of logic are present in nature, and are discovered, formalized and symbolized by physics and mathematics only there.

Logic is recognizable exclusively by their logical references, i.e. by references that are recognizable between natural objects.

More details are described in:

Ron Heide’s response to What does the term “logic” mean?

Ron Heide’s answer to Why should I trust logic?

In other words, logic is not an invention, it is not a spiritual effusion of man, but a natural effect that has been found by man in nature, but which man still claims to this day that he invented logic, which is one of the greatest and worst myths of the history of science.

C. Mathematics, on its basis of spirit ideology, has so far not developed any explanation for the origin of numbers, since there is the assumption that numbers are also just an invention of man, and thus number symbols are not a symbol of any kind of are natural numbers, but numbers are TO BE, i.e. as a ghost cast of man would have come into the world.

In fact, numbers are nothing more than symbols of natural de-itatarian units of existence, which form the basis for all world objects of the universe, and are particularly recognizable by Planck’s quantum of action.

See point c. and d. below.


Now turn the true realistic findings in A.B. and C. on the string and big bang theories, then (shortened) a completely different picture emerges.

a. The world is actually held together by effects that bind the objects of the universe, whether quantums, quarks, atoms, molecules or cells.

But these are not strings, but it is the logical effects that the quantums, and thus all world objects, relate to each other, bind them and thus format them into objects.

Thus, the string theories are ultimately right, because they are based on a fundamental misconception.

b. The world is based on logical reference effects between objects.

Since logical references are unenergetic and intangible, the question arises as to how these can then affect material-energetic world objects.

Quite simply, there are only two types of effects, namely:

  1. the logical effects
  2. the constant effects (each constant represents an effect on the existential objects of this universe, which then appear in quantum forms)


Planck Units – Wikipedia

The Planck units show very clearly and correctly that all objects of this universe arise from constant effects and their reference logics, more precisely already described in the upper links (see operators).

This means that the logical effects can only form world objects via the constant effects, and vice versa:

All constant effects receive their energetic-material reference effects only through the logical effects, which mathematics and physics still completely overlook to this day, although EVERY formula of physics is only used by means of the logical effects, which are used as operators in formulas, can map a physical function.

For reasons described in B., it was therefore not possible in physics and mathematics to detect and directly use unenergetic and intangible effects, although they are used continuously on the basis of the logic signs (operators), but because of the does not recognize and accept spirit ideology as a natural effect.

c.According to the descriptions in b. and a consequence, there must be immaterial objects that have no energetic or material forms, and thus do not interact in this form.

Quantums depict these deitary objects in an energetic-material form (see h and the Planck units), but only through the logical and constant effects that enable the formation of world objects.

Ron Heide’s answer to What is causality?

World objects are therefore only the result of their deeper form of existence, so they are based exclusively on a de-itary basic form, i.e. on completely unenergetic-intangible, i.e. deituary, basic objects.

Without describing this in more detail, every de-itatarian object form is always time-free, space-free, and actually NEVER possesses object form, even if one is forced to always use the term object out of worldly, i.e. spatial-temporal description possibilities, because there are generally no words for this elementary form of existence.

d. The so-called Big Bang is also unrealistically described to this day, since it is a so-called “big bang”.Start-up, but which is not realistically explained, described or proven in today’s theories.

With the help of quantum mechanics, however, this can be done if one takes the above findings into board, i.e. assumes that there are logical and constant effects, and of course also de-itatarian objects (C.),especially since these also form the basis of all numbers.

h, i.e. the Planck iana, becomes measurable only via energetic interaction, if at least the constant effects pi, G, c, etc.are involved in this.

If pi is not involved, h does not form any spatial-temporal form, and only a deitē›²re object exists, even if some other constants are bound to it.

Without the constant effect pi, h does not form any space-time continuum, which is why the original form of all world objects is linked to h, more precisely its basic de-itatical form, with the constants pi, G, c, etc.Is.

A big bang, i.e. the insertion of energetic levelling, and the resulting time and space, is therefore only understandable if one understands how the initialization of such a process can be understood by the coupling of different constants to entitarian basic objects. arises.


In the natural quantum fluctuation, which takes place everywhere and everlastingly, small universes are constantly created, which, however, also constantly disintegrate again, but nevertheless by certain rules and laws some objects in worldly existence arise. and thus a continuous big bang exists.

Also so-called.Dark matter and energy can thus be easily explained, since interaction can also arise without which pi is involved as an effect, and thus, for example, gravity acts, but no central effect arises, since this can only be used by the pi effect.

See at Time, Big Bang, etc.too:

Ron Heide’s answer to Is there a time outside the now?

See on time and observer position:

Ron Heide’s Answer to Could Time Be Described as Measuring Cause and Effect?

See logic and quantum entanglement:

Ron Heide’s answer to How does quantum entanglement fit into the current scientific model?Isn’t it completely at odds with our entire understanding of the world, as it bypasses locality and the speed of light?

Everyone recommends me to meditate. But I never manage to empty my head and stop thinking. Is Meditation for me? What can I do?

First of all, don’t be discouraged by people who say you can’t learn it.

So, now that we have that out of the way we can go to meditating itself.

Alan Watts, Sadghuru make Bijden a very interesting point, namely:

“Have you ever tried to stop breathing?Do not succeed hey, otherwise you were not reading this now. “

So is your subconscious mind too, so why would you want to keep it silent?That is what the rest of you regulate, run, perform actions that you do not have to think about.

Sounds kinda crazy, silencing your brain.

What you * can * do is when you meditate and think about it, let that thought go ahead.Let him go back and forth and go from the heel to the branch. At some point, you’ll find that nothing more is about jumping back and forth. You will learn that you can let things be subconsciously, entrust it.

You have to learn when you need to listen to your subconscious, and when not.And after a lot of practice you can actually reach that and you come to the point where you more or less delegate something, but no longer thinks about it all day. And you only let the thoughts go in when you want it or not.

Especially a lot of learning, practicing, trying.

There are many different types, ways and currents in terms of meditation, I encourage you to deepen and look for what works for you.I personally find Alan watts tremendously interesting in this.

Good luck!

Take a good Zen teacher. It is almost impossible to learn it yourself!

Core of the matter is that you are attempting to make non-thinking.But it never succeeds. Your focus is like a wild monkey, which swings from vine to Vine and never sits still.By giving him something nonsensible, you can approach the non-thought.

Sit still and upright.Watch your breathing. On your in-and exhalations. And count to 10 at each exhalation. Breathe deeply. Even further yes. In and out. Counting up to 10 is not an end in itself. If you’re at 10, start again at 1. And once you think of it somewhere else (“Oh, I still have to go to the grocery store. I still need this and that, what that guy said last again, that movie I still have to see Yes, etc, etc, etc, etc “) once even something takes your attention and you notice that, you start again at one….

It’s not about that you shouldn’t think of anything else, but to the fact that it strikes you that you do!And start again at one….

This could be curious, go to a trial lesson or so, or speak to a good teacher.No one can do this alone and himself. So a successful step 1 is: Find out who it might be near you and make a choice, do such a conversation. Usually costs nothing.

Ademin.Breath-One. Ademin (Further, further) breathed-tweeeeeeee, breath-drieieieie (deeper, deeper), breathless-vieieieier,…..

Start with 7 minutes.If it succeeds 1 minute longer. Until after a few months or so: 20 minutes. 2x per day. But is not a goal in itself!

I have no time for that. Think many.

Error.You will be more focused on this, you will become more efficient in what you do, you are going to make much less mistakes that you do not have to solve or repair or make good or once again.So you get more than that amount of time back.

If you think it’s too busy , you can’t afford to do it.

Find that teacher

It’s also not easy though.Many, many people have the same experience. You are absolutely not alone. It’s a skills you need to learn, just like cycling/swimming. There are several things you can do.

  • Do an (online) program.

Starting with multiple people often helps though. Good guidance makes it easier

  • Install an app (along with group of acquaintances) and take it seriously for at least a consecutive period for a month.
  • You don’t have to spend an hour with it every day. 10 minutes. If you are just awake for example..

  • You don’t always have to sit still.
  • Sports, only by nature walking, a simple household task.. That is also allowed. Although not everyone agrees, it may be that this is more appropriate.

  • Last “my” simplest way.
  • Sit/lie in a place where you do not have distractions. Eyes open or close. Try to breathe in your belly and at every breath: “Breathe rest in… Breathe out all the crowds “. Sometimes the exhale is accompanied by sound, sometimes it goes silently. But concentrate on your breathing. Try this one minute per day. And extend it where desired/needed

    If above fails and you really want to meditate.. There are countless workers/retreats in the country and abroad.It takes some, but you are immersed in meditation.

    Forget it, because it is not so important in itself.Go do something that makes you feel comfortable. That gives the same effect. For some, that is meditation, for others fishing and for others (like me) a bit of driving. (I know, not policor, but it works for me.)

    I’m gonna make an attempt at an answer, and I have a somewhat pronounced opinion, so in advance I apologize for the lack of nuance here and there.I think while I type and I do little editing.

    First of all: who is “everyone” and why do they recommend your meditation?This is not a question for an answer although it is seriously asked;)

    I meditate for years now and on, coincidentally I just started a specific cycle of a few months.I do this meditation when I walk and find solutions somewhere in my life. So when I find it necessary.

    When I first did this form, it was commissioned by a coach and I have been able to get much less out of it than I do now.

    That is why my question, and related to it: why should you meditate because “everyone” recommends it to you?It is not a sacred means. For me, chocolate can work just as relaxing as a minute or three to breathe the rhythm of a song. I don’t get my head blank if it needs to be commissioned.

    Or empty at all.I’m also just a woman…

    So if I can give unsolicited advice: if I were you, I would first start figuring out why you should ‘ meditate ‘, whether the shape is suitable for you and whether you are behind it.

    And if the answer to all three questions turns out positively for meditation, then just start small with moments of relaxation.From there you automatically roll into meditation.

    Meditation is difficult for the western man who lives mainly in his head.The easiest is to learn what pranayama (breathing techniques) you apply for your meditation. You reach a quiet state by bringing the frequency of breathing down to 3/4 times per minute. The meditation will be easier.

    The purpose of meditation is to make contact and strengthen the spiritual self. Look inward, give attention to the innerness, light, love, truth, unity of the spiritual self. You can use affirmations, mantras, ‘ I am a spiritual being, a radiant sun of light and love, pure and a wonderful being, Innocent “.

    Ye can also meditate walking, important is to give attention to the spiritual self.

    The thoughts in your head must be fully express, exaggerate, cry, scream, knock on a sofa, become conscious and learn the necessary lessons.

    If thou hast given enough space to your thoughts, then if thou wilt meditate, then ye shall always try to bring your attention back to the spiritual self “I am a shining sun of light and Love”

    Thou can also try some kind of mindfulness.

    For example, if ye are awakened to stay in your bed and bring your attention to your feet, if ye have difficulty in giving your attention to your feet, simply touch your feet to feel your feet. Then give attention to your legs, you can choose both legs or at First judge and or left leg.

    Energy follows attention. And so give attention to your body and thus let the energy flow from your feet to your head and back. A kind of relaxation technique and also your body irrigation with energy. Normally you feel a bit heavy. Stop on time.

    What do women often want from a man in a relationship?

    A tricky question!From my experience I would say the following:

    • Normal human respect,
    • Understanding and support when things are less, a hug and kiss to make everything a little bit better,
    • Parts of the burden, not so much financially, think of regularly taking over tasks in the household, vacuuming once or cleaning the bathroom, cooking and, if applicable, bringing the children to school once,
    • A surprise, a little flower, just so, because it can and because you love each other, an odor a piece of chocolate, a romantic letter or whatever,
    • Listen to each other, that they can lose a bit about that one TV series that you really don’t find anything,
    • Sharing the good moments together, nice together on the couch with a bowl of popcorn, a piece of walking together or playing together a board game,
    • Have a nice dinner together, maybe after theatre or a movie, or whatever fun.

    This question always makes me a little panicky.I fear that in the end I have made all women unhappy in my life, despite my good intentions. In my opinion, a woman must have no checklist at all. There just needs to be a pleasant chemistry. Furthermore, a woman must realise that she will not find everything in a man she is looking for.

    My experience is that a man is by nature a bit of a loner, while a woman is more of a companion animal. Parties must be visited, holidays planned, parents invited and ceilings white.Since it often pinches, men don’t usually need so much. I often feel that they have a vacancy and are looking for a candidate who best fits the profile. That means that the role of the man often has something of a job, including the appraisal interviews (most starting at 1.30 hours in the night if you have to at 7 o’clock).

    This question always reminds me of a song from the Bloodhound Gang.
    ‘ You know what I really want in a girl?Me. ‘

    Now that’s double to interpret -like any song of the Bloodhound Gang.
    In this case, the sexual undertone is not what it is all about.

    I think what everyone is looking for is someone who is similar to themselves to varying degrees.May also be similar -that feature I would like to have.

    My husband and I differ as day and night from each other.Everything with us is the opposite, but there is one thing we both want: be happy (or stay more-because luckily we are already). Staying happy is hard work.
    Constantly communicating, saying ‘ hey I don’t like this! ‘ Because happiness for each person has a different shape, you can learn a lot from each other, if you are open to each other.Sharing the same vision will keep you together again and again.

    Of course it’s nice that someone confirmed you in the way that you like it and that things go in a way that you like, but for me that doesn’t feel right.We have called it the Eifel Tower syndrome. You just have to give it a name;)-‘ I want to be asked at the Eifel Tower for marriage, he knows, so if he doesn’t, he doesn’t give me. ‘ It is a beautiful (SYN) Dream image. And of course you can define behavioural guidelines for a relationship (respect), but real love, do not find you there. Most people set up a as > than scenario, if he does this: Good man. If he does: Bad man. Man does not work, and in addition man has his own peculiarities and if you can see the love through it. Then you don’t need that as > then all, because that’s all in a natural way.

    I will tell you what I want from a man…. And I will be pretty blunt.Are you ready?

    • I want a man who has confidence : He must be sure of himself, who he is and what he wants.
    • I want a man who is smart and challenges me intellectually.

    A clever conversation, even excited or disturbing, is something I really find attractive.

  • I want a man who is brave : He must be able to make decisions and stand for his choices.
  • I want to be a man who gives me enough confidence to open up to me.
  • Instant and spontaneous.

  • I want to be a man who does not worry about what people think.
  • I want a guy who is a little crazy in his humor
  • I want a man who shares his knowledge with me
  • I want my husband to grab my butt, even if it’s inappropriate, but still stylish .
  • I want a guy who is a bit dominant . That leads the way for both of us.
  • I want a guy who is neat and clean (see this answer)
  • I want to be a guy who dresses well and smells good
  • (If he has all of the above AND if he smells good, then I lose all control, and I probably want to lick his neck.)

    My wife very often wants me to help some more in the household, or that I would be more convenient with chores.With the first I’m sure of my problem and will make it better. On the second case, I have to give my mea culpa unfortunately. I have two left hands. The safest for all attendees is not to give me a drilling machine.

    However big the wishes and requirements list was in advance, they are all looking for the guy who makes the whole list forget.Simply because he stands out, chooses for her, is fun company and leaves his wife.

    I just wanted to ask you!9-3

    I think: Financial security, attention, cuddling, humor, faithfulness, mystery…