What benefits does an Apple computer have on competitors? In what situation (s) would you recommend Apple?

For webdevelopment I find an Apple computer still works better than Linux or Windows.

The ability to run business software like Office 365 along with local development environments similar to the Linux servers on which the applications eventually run I find working for development.

MacOS works well, also includes a lot of standard software, and it works well out of the box.Under Windows, I always spend more time playing system management, which is even worse with Ubuntu.

Also a lot of creative software I find just a little better work on a Mac.

However, the price may be a factor that speaks to the disadvantage of Apple hardware, Apple hardware is considerably more expensive than not Apple hardware.For me it is something I earn on work, my bread daily and then it can cost something, provided that these extra costs translate into higher productivity.

Furthermore, I find the quality of Apple hardware going backwards in recent years.The urge to make hardware increasingly thinner and lighter is at the expense of quality. Especially with keyboards you notice that and the hardware feels less sturdy than it did five to ten years back.

Apple doesn’t seem to realise that not everyone wants a MacBook-air-like laptop without GPU, but that there is a category of professional users who prefer a laptop with a bear from a CPU, GPU and maxed out of RAM.

For me as a statistician is the choice between Mac and Linux.I don’t consider Windows a serious alternative. It’s just insufficient POSIX compatible.

Mac is more expensive, has a less helpful user community and less hardware choice.On the other hand, MAC is more suitable for office functions and for example graphic design. And therefore more suitable as a company standard.

So I would recommend Mac for anyone who is too nerderig for Windows but not nerderig enough to use a governance system that no one else in the company uses.

Apple computers have some great advantages over other brands.

  • Both the hardware and the software are provided by Apple, which makes the integration between them optimal, and MacOS is generally a stable system.
  • MacOS is impervious to viruses.

There are other types of malware that pose a risk to a Mac, but they cannot be installed without user intervention. As long as you install Apple’s security updates (automatically), Get software from trusted sources only, and don’t let you fap through fraudulent websites, little can go wrong.

  • Macs are expensive to purchase, but keep their value for a long time.
  • Even IBM[1indicates that maintenance on users with a MAC is so much cheaper that the company has given its employees the option to go For a MacBook Pro.Many of the small companies for whom I provide service have shown that the transition to MAC has yielded huge time gains (less crashes) and cost savings.

  • MacOS is user-friendly.
  • An ex-Windows user wants to get rid of the road after ‘ the Switch ‘, but that often goes quickly when they learn to think in the Apple way. The question “How can I get on a Mac 鈧?娄?” is often to answer with: “What would you logically find?”. MacOS is intuitive, even a complete beginner can quickly get to work.

  • They are well built and beautiful machines.
  • Not for everyone equally important, but as Stephen Fry once said: “Beauty matters. Boy, does it matter. It is not surface, it is not an extra, it is the thing itself. “. If you work with it for a few hours a day, it should be quite pleasing to the eyes.

    I would recommend anyone who is not a gamer, or not tied to using Windows-only software, to try a Mac.The pain you initially feel in your wallet is fast, also due to the fact that if you sell it after 5 years, you can still ask 1/3 of the acquisition cost without any problems.

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    Written by a fan.


    [1 IBM says it is 3x more expensive to manage PCs than Macs

    I am an Informatician since 1990.And I’ve always had PC s since.

    When my father retired in 1993 I gave him my discarded PC, but pimped with more memory and bigger hard drive.

    The result was that I was called for every problem with his computer, and I usually had to go on the spot to fix it or to explain something clearly.

    More and more family members and friends also started to have PC s at home, and I almost got an additional fulltime job to solve problems everywhere.Free.

    Around 2003 I have chopped the knot.My brother’s PC had once again given the spirit, and I bought him-thick against his sentence-an iBook G3.
    For myself I bought a PowerBook G4, to know how OSX was together.

    After a short learning curve my brother was super satisfied.I have since no time to fix a problem on his computer. He builds decors for international film productions and takes them everywhere in dusty workshops, hotels. That portable already has something to do with it, and it can easily hit the WiFi everywhere, and in the art sector Apple software is quite popular, so little or no compatibility issues.
    He is now 16 years later to his 3rd iBook (number 2 w脙 漏 Rkt, but is badly damaged by an accident, and he no longer marries 100%).
    I think few PC laptops would have sustained that, with no problems with lag, blue screens, viruses,…

    On that iBook, incidentally, it says g脙 漏 脙 漏 n virus scanner.

    In 2008 I bought myself a 24 鈧?虏 iMac and for my fathers birthday I gave him a 20 鈧?虏 iMac (after yet another crash of his PC).

    Almost same story: v脙 漏 脙 漏 l fix less phone calls or hours problems.Even though it once occurred once: he is 88, and already dares to execute a very error command. On a PC it was that daily cost (the Windows Explorer is dangerous for that matter: you drag a folder easily 鈧?艙per acciuk 鈧?somewhere to go without you very much in there). A MAC is much more robust in that respect. Windows 10 is also improved in this area.

    Since 2003 I recommend all my friends and acquaintances to choose Apple before: It is more expensive, but also more robust.You are going to have much less problems with it and they are easily 10 years or longer.
    The only exception I make for students who need to run Windows-only software for their training.I recommend Microsoft Surface to avoid problems.

    My first PowerBook G4 from 2003 and my iMac 24 鈧?虏 still do it.
    The first is used by my children as a DVD and multimedia player, but cannot run the latest software (no more support for the G3 processor). The iMac runs the penultimate version of OSX, but still does it fine.

    For my work I almost always worked on Windows.A lot of professional software that I have to use there only runs under Windows (or on UNIX and LINUX servers).
    On my MacBook Pro 15 鈧?虏 (2014) I therefore also run Windows 10 (under VMWare Fusion).

    But most of the tasks I do are just under OSX.


    I reboot z脙 漏 脙 漏 R rarely an Apple computer.I usually have a number of applications remaining open for weeks (at least Mail and Safari, and in addition often still Word, Excel).
    When I stop working I slap my laptop close or press 1 second on the 鈧?艙uit 鈧?key of my iMac.This turns the computer into sleep mode.
    The laptop consumes almost nothing (the iMac, incidentally!).I can let him lie down for a week, and after a few seconds I’m back where I left off.
    Some Flash sites used to be notorious for Safari crashing after a while.But that had more to do with bad memory-management of Flash.
    The Mail application also lets you know a few times a year (hangs, or so).Restarting the application usually solves the problem.
    Software updates usually require no reboot.And if it is necessary, then one time is enough.

    I have been working on computers since 1987, have seen everything come by.My first OS was DOS. I had no hard drive and you had to load your OS from a floppy to your RAM (we then had 640KB RAM) to be able to work with your OS. Again, there was no HD, imagine that once before… you could then pull out your floppy and stop another floppy in your drive to BVB. WordPerfect to run (a predecessor of Word, let us say).

    So I have seen all The systems pass through and worked with all Os’s.Also the advent of the PowerPC, when Apple collaborated with IBM and Motorola.

    First, some misunderstandings work out of the way (which already existed for eternity).Viruses and malware are written for both Windows Pcs and Apple Pcs.

    Wait, do you say now that an Apple is a PC?Yes, the PC is just for Personal Computer, an evolution of commercial computers like the EDVAC to computers for the private. Computers used to be made only for defense and campuses, or even for cracking code in the World War. (see the Colossus who could intercept the traffic of the Germans)

    The devices we use now are all Pcs (except of course the laptops and tablets and so).The hardware of the PCS has been different (though). I have been purposely put, because there is now almost no difference between an Apple and another brand PC. Apple has worked a time with another CPU (Motorola) but meanwhile (since 2005 approximately), Apple is also just an Intel PC. I could discuss the full hardware and the MOBO but take it from me that there is still very little difference inside. I have been giving assembly training for 12 years.

    What exactly is the difference?

    The operating system and the look.First, let’s discuss the OS, apart from all the marketing hypes and cool names, this is just Linux on Apple. Yeah, really, just Linux. Linux originated from Unix, this was once the only OS that existed on a computer. That OS came free with the hardware, just like you now get the OS of your washing machine for free when you purchase.

    At some point there has been a “Smarmerik” This has invented the word license, to be able to earn money from licenses to use the OS.This has led to a tremendous response at that time. University professors were just to work with Unix and suddenly had to lay down huge sums to do the same thing they could before.

    There was a huge revolution going on to counter this.This led to writing an own Unix clone, there have been several attempts such as Minix. In the end, Linus Torvalds made Linux in 1991, also just such a Unix clone and this is really a transit, almost all Linux distributions are a branch of Linux. Only BSD is still different, this is another clone this has gone through besides Linux itself.

    The mindset of Linux is thus to keep the code open for everyone and not to work with a license model!Microsoft was created at the end of the years 70 to work with this license model. The code from Microsoft is therefore closed code, you can not look into it and also do not modify it, on Linux you can!

    What does Apple have to deal with now?

    Well, Apple has played it very smartly, they have taken the open (free) Linux OS and have made this just closed!So they’ve actually done the reverse than what the Linux community stands for.

    So you all pay for Apple’s custom Linux kernel.In the beginning, and now still, Apple has been a great marketing stunt, which propagates the principle of exclusivity. We are going to release a product and say that only x numbers are made, so that the people who follow the hype always want the latest model.

    You have to pay for everything at Apple, you have no option to make a lot of adjustments yourself, and you need to go to an Apple store for everything.On the other hand, it looks good, but inside you have exactly the same thing as with HP. The equation is also getting wrong, someone is going to compare a Macbook Pro with an Acer 鈧?娄 if you compare an Apple with the same quality with another brand You ALWAYS have more value for money with another brand.

    The graphic is indeed the sector where Apple has always been given a place, Microsoft had already been on the fingers for monopoly several times and did not have sight wise in the sailing water of Apple for the graphical side.With Coreldraw, you could do a lot of what Apple couldn’t do at the time, so it wasn’t that Apple was so strong there.

    Note, a MacBook Pro is not a bad computer, the hardware is top, but far too expensive compared to another brand, and far too reconditioned by Apple’s policy.

    So, in 2019, viruses and malware are also written for Apple, even more so than for other Linux systems.

    If you find the looks important, you can go for Apple, and pay more.In any other area you are better off with something else.

    The best thing you can do, but before that we are all too much brainwashed by Microsoft, is to use Linux.However, We have been instilled from childhood to work with Windows and with Office. I’ve seen it 100 times already, a company finds its licenses too expensive, I show you can do the same with open source, and yet they pay the licenses and choose them for Microsoft. It is actually not a fair struggle… if you go to the shop you should actually be able to buy a computer without OS on it, and then you also pay the OS not in the purchase price. You would have to install your own OS of your choice afterwards. We do that too, but most of the people want them to be chosen, that they only have to push the button and install all software, bloatware and junk on their disk. To go back to the store after a month to finish it all…

    A computer you should actually see as a box, which box should do something for you.This is something else for everyone. That’s why you also install only those packages that need to do what you choose, the rest you don’t need. Should everyone understand this alone, you would use much less performance, be able to do much longer with your hardware, much less risk, run much less unnecessary services and go on.

    Oh, man chooses for her convenience and for the exclusivity, just look around you to all the other articles.

    But everyone chooses for themselves, of course, only to think carefully about what I have written, it is all the truth, learned for 32 years of experience in everything related to computers.

    If you want to do it right then do this:

    First, ask yourself what you want to do with your computer.
    See what you need in terms of hardware.
    Buy your hardware and install Linux, package per package.

    Or ask me via Quora or by email.Free advice!

    For example, with a light Linux, you can work perfectly on 10-year-old hardware.And let’s not miss anything about Intel CPU’s 鈧?娄 AMD has been better since 3 years back than Intel, just like in 1998. What most people should realise is that when they’re not gaming, on average they only use their CPU for 3%, even my customers use their server CPU on average but for 8%.

    It’s the slow link that forms the ‘ bottleneck ‘ in your computer, and that’s still your hard drive.So take care of a good SSD, beware because a lot of changes have happened, make sure you know if you have a SATA 600 bus if you buy a SATA SSD, or if you have a PCIe bus when you buy a PCIe SSD. And note: You can’t see it with the bare also because they all use an M. 2 plug now.

    I will stop here, can continue for hours…;-)

    An Apple has no added value compared to other computer systems.In fact, Apple computers are way too expensive, and you are reasonably forced to use only Apple hardware because Apple has quite strict limitations on what you can do with their hardware.

    What benefits does Apple have?Well, it’s generally good-developed machines that perform fine but considering the price tag, I also expect nothing else.

    Apple systems with MacOS are also less vulnerable to malware and other malicious software, but this is mainly because Windows is a much more popular target. Despite this, the security within Apple hardware is quite sturdy.

    The offer for Apple software is reasonably limited but there are plenty of applications that you can run under MacOS.Especially software for graphics applications. In addition, the standard development environment XCode is ideal for Apple enthusiasts and is ideally suited to create software for all your Apple devices. (iPhone, iPod, iPad, iWatch, iWhatever 鈧?娄)

    Performance is pretty good in general even though I would prefer to have more memory and a bigger hard drive.And more cores in the processor. But my MacBook works just fine and for the real heavy work I just have a solid Alienware desktop in use. My MacBook is especially for mobile use.

    But would I recommend Apple?No, not really. But that’s mainly because of the price tag that Apple has. If that price would go down by a quarter then Apple is worth it. But at the moment they are just too expensive and more of a status symbol.

    Apple is very secure.A good advantage but also a disadvantage because that is very annoying. Then you need to enter your password every time and/or fill in your mail for protection.

    Every advantage of Apple there is also a disadvantage.So it doesn’t really matter if you’re taking an Apple or Android.


    1. Antivirus, the only real advantage.

    You don’t need to download an antivirus app.

  • No bad apps or games.
  • They only tolerate apps and games if it’s appropriate.

  • Work efficiently.
  • Apple computer to find things more.
  • And Siri helps you.

    I am not right about competition. But what I do know is that the difference between Android and Apple is very large and there is a lot of competition there. Sorry If I have something fault it.

    Although I was studying marketing, I personally was just as good at the Appleval Tuind.I had once read a book about Bill Gates and about the unimaginable happiness that was at the base of his tremendous success. Gates was not the only one to have designed an OX. At least fifty competitors were using their OX-sometimes better, sometimes less well-the States. Statistically speaking, it was therefore not obvious that Bills system would become just about the standard.

    I am not a connoisseur myself.If I can use 10% of the capabilities that a recent PC offers, it will be a lot. I had always worked with MS-DOS. It came down to me to type a simple letter and to handle Excel. I was able to stock Foto s on it, but changing something did not require me to ask. I found it already a reasonably impractical OS. I was quite aware that that was largely about the fact that I had no desire to study thick books.

    For a price I could suddenly buy an Apple at a retail trade.I had heard how much more intuitive it was going on at an Apple and my previous device had its best time. What I wanted was an Apple notebook. Small and fine, I didn’t have to. I sign the order form. Great was my surprise when I see an iMac ready a week later. When I say that I don’t want a鈩?n immense monster on my desk, with a genuine TV screen, the salesman shows me the order number, he gives me 200 鈧?’ 卢 discount. End of story: I let myself be persuaded. And here I sit now, me again annoying to the fact that I behaved like a lamjet.

    I agree that the design is more enjoyable and there might be some extra-possibilities for graphically people than I do. Intuitively I haven’t found much yet.The screen will not dwell for a minute (so all full texts of me are sent on the way to other galaxies). There is a speech-to-text function, which is simply unusable.

    Replace accessories you will find nowhere else (the thing is not 2 years old).I want that dangerous to be possible out of the door. Ff See what I can get for it. If not: mess further.

    For me there is only 1 reason why I consciously pay more for an Apple computer: It just works, everytime!

    Yes I pay a huge premium for the logo but I compare it with BMW and Mercedes.Yes I can buy a car for much less but a car/computer is something I look forward to every day/please use something that also looks nice/work… In addition, in the last 20 years I’ve never had a virus on my apple… is also me some value…

    Industrial engineer or business informatics ?

    I myself am studying industrial engineering in the field of mechanical engineering at the RWTH Aachen University and try to give a rough overview of this. Of course, in both courses you usually have the most important business studies, such as accounting, marketing, operations research, etc.Depending on the university/FH, this bWL part may be larger or smaller. The most important difference, then, lies in the technical subjects. Your interests are more likely to be in demand.

    In a mechanical engineering degree, you will learn scientific principles (mechanics, thermodynamics, chemistry) in order to apply them to real-life problems.This means, for example, events such as mechanics, thermodynamics, materials science, etc. to visit. This is followed by subjects such as control technology and, above all, machine elements. In the latter case, design rules are taught to you for the construction of machines of all kinds, just as you design them mathematically, so that the said machine element can withstand the loads to be endured in the long run. In my opinion, this is one of the main subjects of engineering in mechanical engineering. Likewise, you usually also have an introductory course in computer science, which, however, only contains a standard programming language and an introduction to object-oriented programming.Depending on the university, you can also choose between different specializations later, which are not always given when studying industrial engineering. Likewise, not every university offers a general in-depth inthesis in the direction of mechanical engineering, but only a fairly general degree in industrial engineering, where you learn different disciplines of engineering such as electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. Depending on your interest, you should pay attention to how broadly your desired university is positioned and whether your degree programme offers different directions in industrial engineering. In industry, and especially in research, however, you will also find many engineers who can also program (although it is usually less the industrial engineers). As networked systems are becoming increasingly important in engineering disciplines, the proportion of knowledge in programming languages is increasing. Unfortunately, I cannot say enough about studying business informatics. I am not at all dissatisfied with my studies, but I would also like to study business informatics, as I also find the course very interesting. As a recommendation for decisions: At your desired universities, check out the course plan and the subjects you need to complete. This should give you a rough overview.

    Most importantly, you make a decision so that your interests are sufficiently covered.If you want to study successfully, you must already have an interest in the chosen subject. There is little point in studying just because it offers a good chance of a well-paid job. You’re only successful by having fun by doing what you’re doing.

    Why is peace on earth an illusion?

    Hello May Hei!

    Peace on earth will soon no longer be an illusion, for in the foreseeable future what Christians have been praying for for 2,000 years will become a reality according to Mat.6/10.


    The Kingdom of God

    What is all about a kingdom?


    a king


    his confidants (minister, cabinet)






    a tenderness


    the place of the seat of government


    the living area of the subjects


    the term of office (start, course, end)


    the results of this government


    Prayer for the Coming of the Kingdom


    the kingdom was among men at that time, when Jesus Christ was the designated future ruler among them (Isaiah 9/6,7)


    Mary became pregnant by the Holy Spirit and gave birth to Jesus and the angel who had appeared before him, declaring that he would inherit the throne of David and that his kingdom would have no end (as far as the effects were concerned).


    the God-fearing man Simeon thanked Jehovah for allowing him to see the eight-year-old Jesus, the means of salvation, before his death


    Daniel learns that the future ruler would have co-rulers


    Jesus concludes the Kingdom covenant with his eleven faithful apostles


    the thousand-year reign of the faithful with Jesus


    why co-regents?

    Christ has experienced perfect humanity, but not the incompleteness.Since a spirit person (angel) cannot put himself into the unvo.llkommensein of a mortal man, and therefore cannot accurately judge his motives, God has decided to make Jesus Christ available to a number of persons from the human family. to put. An act of loving consideration of Jehovah.

    Acts 2/11-4 Offb.7/3,4

    With the Geis.tpourd in the year 33 uZ Christ began to collect the probable members of his government and completed them before the beginning of the great Dran.gsal; 144,000 people are selected

    Heb.10/12,13 (Mat.24/36)

    the dominion of Jesus over the earth was not to begin at that time, but at the time set by Jehovah, about which even Jesus himself did not know at that time.

    Acts 1/6.7 .

    the Apostles were very interested in the beginning of his reign


    with the seventh trumpet push the birth of the kingdom is announced


    Christ is enthroned; the First World War breaks out; the first resurrection begins


    the beginning of the kingdom is represented by a birth


    at the time of the last world power, which came into contact with God’s people, the kingdom is established and subsequently eliminates all political empires


    the devil is waiting for this birth


    God protects the newly named king and his heavenly organization


    Jesus Christ (in the heavens of the Archangel Michael) seizes power over the earth, and the first act of the newly appointed king is the cleansing of heaven by the downfall of Satan and his appendix to the earth.


    Joy in heaven and a woe for the earth: the request from Mat.6/10 was fulfilled: Your will be done in heaven (Mat.6/10)


    Also a description of the enthronement of Jesus and the immediate negative consequences for the earth

    Notes from the Hebrew Scriptures (AT)

    Jesus sits at the right hand of God and begins His dominion [1)

    Ps.110/1-3 Jess.32/1-2

    the Täu.schungsma.nnöver Sat.ans

    the foundation of the League of Nations orUn

    the second phase: The Court.

    Mat.24/36 knows the time (then) only the father .

    Start: the courtorder1.Thess. 5/1-3

    Act 1: Elimination of the world empire of falsc.hen religion by the political powers: Rev.17/16

    Act 2: Attack on the End-time people of God and God’s reaction:

    Hes.(Ezech.) Chapters 38 and 39 Sach.2/12 Rev.16/16 Rev.19/19-21

    3rd Act: Captivity of Satan for a thousand years


    the third phase: the thousand years


    Attack on God and defense and defense by them with God’s help (Ees.39/1-7)


    clean-up work; Digging the Leic.hen and the elimination of weapons (Esent.39/8-13)


    Creating homes for the reseers


    the Resurrection will take place (in a certain order)

    Job 14/14,15

    God’s desire for his work

    Acts 24/15

    Resurrection of the Righteous and Unjust

    John 6/40

    God’s will for all Christ believers to be resurrected


    Romans 6/7

    Deceased are acquitted of sin


    welcome the Risen Ones

    John 11/24


    Lazarus Sisters’ Faith in the Resurrection




    plan and invest paradise, healings



    teach the Risen Ones in true worship, who must then make their decision to submit to God’s Kingdom or not


    old people – still young after the flesh – can reap curse




    Children will no longer be born for death

    The final examination

    No one but Adam, Eve, and Jesus Christ have been plaid in the state of human perfection; therefore, http://Sat.an let go of his affliction; and he will be able to manage a number more people.These and http://Sat.an are then bese.itigt forever.(Genesis3/15 Rev.20/7-10)

    The Strei.tfrage, the http://Sat.an concerning the dominion of God in the Garden of Eden – namely the questioning of the legality of God’s sovereignty – will thus be clarified forever and thus a precedent will be set, according to which every (theoretically possible) reb.ellion will be in the bud. can be used for the first time.

    For ever, people of Paradise will rejoice, the works of http://Jehov.as to develop knowledge, to invent, to enjoy material things and to the who created people to share in his happiness

    and thus the request in the Lord’s Prayer is fulfilled:

    Your will be done on earth

    But another question: Who do you think are the true followers of Jesus today?Those who surround each other in the http://Kri.eg or another group…..?Fifty years ago, I came to believe that it was Jeho.vas Zeu.gen.

    Jehovah’s Witnesses are happy to help you understand the Bible free of charge as part of Bible reflections.

    H/>P (variable)

    [1 ) after his Ascension

    What are the most strategic places on earth should it come to a World war?

    Suez Canal, Panama Canal, Bosphorus, Straits of Malacca, Strait of Gibraltar, Barents Sea, Strait of Taiwan, Incheon, Ras Al Khafji, Khyberpas, Siliguri, Sudovia, Iași

    When it comes to a World war, there are no more strategic places left to fight before.

    Now that both America and Russia have terminated the agreement so difficult in the 1980s, one push of the button is enough to destroy the world.In that light seen is the most strategic place somewhere in space, seems to me. That said, not everyone will qualify for a space trip…

    Tricky, because then I have to predict who is doing it.Keep in mind that although we have only two world wars appointed as such, there have been several world-wide wars that have only not been labelled as such. And given the many conflicts around the world at this time where the United Nations is involved, you could argue that a world war has long been underway.

    The strategic places will be the places where conflicts are actually already in place.That is the Middle East with Israel, Iran and Saudi Arabia as the largest participants. Russia, the US and Europe will certainly be involved. There is a possible conflict between India and Pakistan, even though it seems to be falling. China is active in the South Chinese Sea and it is unpredictable whether they are willing to fight for commodities in that area. But that too would involve Europe and the US in the conflict. Africa currently has all the necessary conflicts going on, including the unstable Libya and Egypt, but also Mali, Somalie and several other countries. In South America, Venezuela can start doing crazy things like a military attack on the Antilles. NATO will be involved again. And Argentina still wants to take over the Falkland islands of the British.

    And then the political situation in the US is also a potential kruidvat.The elections in 2020 can be completely out of hand and the USA is already involved in many places on this planet in various conflicts…

    So what will be the most strategic places?In any case, any area that is still rich in raw materials. For this reason, Europe is not so interesting anymore because many commodities have already been won, so the yields are not so high. The next World War could only take place outside Europe, although Europe can be involved.

    But locations with a lot of oil are interesting and that is currently mainly Africa, where people are now looking for new sources while elsewhere the sources are slowly getting empty.Food could be a problem but will rather result in migration of large groups and the extinction of certain species of animals that are going to be hunting for their flesh. Fresh drinking water will also be important because many countries are also going to curb rivers to generate energy. That is going to pose conflicts. But the question is whether a new conflict is really a World war…

    Because during WWI and WWII, Europe had several colonies around the world and they were all involved in the struggle in Europe.Nowadays, these are virtually all independent and do not attract any conflict in Europe.

    Yes can only determine a strategy if you also tell what your ultimate goal is.

    • Survive?
    • Defeat the enemy?
    • Building a new civilization?
    • Etc.

    For every purpose you also have other ‘ strategic ‘ places.

    That depends strongly on the countries that actively participate.

    Classic strategic oleks are straits, large airfields, nuclear power stations and other sources of power, large concentrations of population; Cities, storage places of weapons, large ports, deep inland navigable rivers.Mines and oil wells. Drinking water reserves.

    A modern strategic target is the Internet.The control of a lot of infrastructure runs over the Internet. Datacentres can be important targets.

    Oil fields such as the Middle East or Alaska.So-called “choke points” such as Gibraltar will be very important.

    Greenland and Antartica in my vision.This for the simple reason that the ice will melt in an atomic war. You are far enough away from all the bombs and after the war you probably have the most chance of survival.

    Do you have a Google assistant? How do you like it?

    I do not have Google home products but I do use the Google assistant on my smartphone.

    I think it’s a great program.I’ve also tried Bixby but I’ve come to the conclusion that Google Assistant is just a lot better.

    I wake up and say: Hey Google, how is the weather today in Rotterdam?My assistant opens the week I’m in and tells me how the weather is.

    I’m cooking in the kitchen and have Netflix on it.I want to look something different: Hey Google, open Friends on Netflix.

    I’m driving (handsfree) and want to call my uncle here: Hey Google.Call my uncle. Your family members then set in advance, of course.

    Do I want to set up a song while I’m doing the laundry?Hey Google, play Eminem off. And then she immediately opens Spotify that I have already linked and starts a random song by Eminem.

    Do I have no desire to manually set an alarm?Hey Google, appointment at the doctor tomorrow Half 1. In no time it is done.

    This is not a problem for the Google assistant.Does it make my life simpler and more enjoyable? Know for sure.

    It really suits me well and racing with Siri that does it for sure.I wonder what the future will bring us. Google Assistant will soon be able to call us to reserve a table at a restaurant.. All by herself.

    I’m using the Google assistant on my phone.The use is actually only in the car when my phone is connected via AndroidCar. Even though there is a custom (simple) interface on the car’s belt for music and navigation, it is often easier to control the whole way through voice commands.

    Swapping music by just asking whether to play an artist or a playlist via Spotify is a lot easier than a few menu s to go through and to select the right one or to search for it altogether.
    Also, the navigation is easier to set up by saying 鈧?虄usual where you want to enter instead of through a screen a search query.

    So far all the positive to easier use the phone functions in the car without losing too much attention from car driving.

    What the Google Assistant can’t do is read incoming messages aloud.The function is there to allow incoming messages to be read, the assistant does not have the Netherlands yet. Dutch phrases will be spoken in English. Often you get something that sounds very weird and totally unintelligible. This same applies to replies of posts, this may not be in English, but should be in English.

    Very very nice!Handy device.

    You should just know the right questions are to ask.This is for trying.

    But what I find useful is hey Google make a shopping list.

    The list is on my phone when I’m in the grocery store.

    Also, Google home will hear you very well wherever you are in the room.


    But if you do, look out for permissions and permissions when you download the relevant applications/software.

    Google uses speech authentication.I will keep a long story short, but some sound fragments should be verified by employees and corrected if necessary. So it can really be that what you are consciously speaking of is actually being bugged. Not necessarily with evil intentions, but this will be at the expense of your privacy.